Orchard Hill Farm

Preserve the nature and promote organic farming

About Olde Orchard Hill Farm

Olde Orchard Hill Farm, behind the stonewall fence lies history, nature, and discovery.  The farm was established by farmers during the1800’s and later extended its outbuildings, barns, and outdoor entertainment. The amenities on our farm are pleasantly historic, bringing comfort with its rustic ambience. A walk through its orchards and gardens is the perfect day spent on weekends to get away from normal everyday life. Be a part of future events and farm projects or come to learn about living an organic lifestyle from one of our farm members.

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Quince / Peach / Apple / Pear /
Cranberries / Juneberries /
Kiwi berries / Mulberries /
Paw paw / Sorrel / Sage

Walking Trails
Community Garden
Event Hall
Seminar Hall