Hydrangeas: Colors Galore

Aug 10, 2016 | Farming, Featured, Landscape, Nature

Visit us before the summer ends. Rows of hydrangea trees and bushes have been planted next to our walkways and they are absolutely stunning. Bouquets of pure whites, vivid pinks, and soft purples jump out to joyously welcome you.

Stand back and relax. Drink in the colors we so rarely see indoors. Notice how they combine to evoke different imagery. The tall white hydrangea trees lined up in rows look so simple and dignified.




The pink and white hydrangeas mixed into the lavender and daisies remind us of secret gardens strewn throughout the farm.






Step in closer and you’ll see we are not the only ones enjoying the flowers. The bees dance happily in and out of the petals.




Now take a few steps back to see the whole picture. The dainty, colorful flowers contrast the majestic trees in the backdrop. The trees point to the sea of deep blue sky. The sky outlines the crisp white clouds; and the white clouds glow brighter with the sunlight.